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Draft Downgrade.svg Draft Downgrade

Draft -> Downgrade
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Draft Upgrade


Detta verktyg nedgraderar valda objekt på olika sätt. Om inget objekt är markerat, så kommer du att ombes att välja ett.

The Downgrade tool performs things such as breaking faces, and deconstructing wires into their individual edges. It can cut a shape with another shape in similar way to Part Cut.svg Part Cut.

The counterpart to this tool is the Draft Upgrade.svg Draft Upgrade operation.

Draft Downgrade example.jpg

Face cut from another face; then face downgraded into a closed wire; then downgraded into individual lines


  1. Select one or more objects that you want to downgrade.
  2. Invoke the Draft Downgrade tool several ways:
    • Press the Draft Downgrade.svg Draft Downgrade button in the Draft toolbar
    • Press the D then N keyboard shortcut
    • Use the Draft → Downgrade entry in the Draft menu
Note: If no object is selected, you will be invited to select one.

The selected objects are modified or downgraded, according to the following conditions, in order:

  1. If only one object is selected and it contains more than one face, each face becomes a separate object.
  2. If there are more than one face in the selection, the subsequent objects are subtracted from the first one. This modification is similar to Part Cut.svg Part Cut.
  3. If there is only one face in the selection, it gets converted into a wire.
  4. Otherwise all wires found in the selection are exploded into single edges.


De valda objekten förändras/nedgraderas, enligt följande lista (i ordning):

  • Om endast ett objekt är valt och den innehåller mer än en yta, så separeras detta till olika objekt
  • om det finns fler än en yta, så subtraheras efterföljande ytor från den första
  • Om det bara finns en yta, så konverteras den till en tråd
  • annars så delas alla trådar upp till enkla kanter



See also: Draft API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The Downgrade tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following function:

downgrade_list = downgrade(objects, delete=False, force=None)
addList, deleteList = downgrade(objects, delete=False, force=None)
  • Downgrades the given objects, which can be a single object or a list of objects.
  • If delete is True, old objects are deleted.
  • If force is given, it is the internal function to call to force a certain way of downgrading. It can be: "explode", "shapify", "subtr", "splitFaces", "cut2", "getWire", or "splitWires".
  • upgrade_list is returned, which is a list containing two lists: a list of new objects (addList) and a list of objects to be deleted (deleteList).


import FreeCAD, Draft

# Create an union
Circle = Draft.makeCircle(1000)
Rectangle = Draft.makeRectangle(2000, 800)

addList1, deleteList1 = Draft.upgrade([Circle, Rectangle], delete=True)
union = addList1[0]

# Downgrade the union twice
addList2, deleteList2 = Draft.downgrade(union, delete=False)
wire = addList2[0]

list_edges, deleteList3 = Draft.downgrade(wire, delete=False)

# Insert a solid box
Box = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.addObject("Part::Box", "Box")
Box.Length = 2300
Box.Width = 800
Box.Height = 1000

list_faces, deleteList4 = Draft.downgrade(Box, delete=True)
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