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Draft Snap Dimensions.svg Draft Snap Dimensions

Menu location
Draft → Snapping → Dimensions
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft Snap, Draft ToggleSnap


This snap mode shows temporary X and Y dimensions between the current point and the last snapped point on screen while snapping.

Draft Snap Dimensions example.png

After having snapped a first (reference) point, temporary dimensions locate the current point to be snapped


  1. Make sure Draft Snap Lock.svg Draft ToggleSnap and Draft Snap Dimensions.svg Snap Dimensions are turned on.
  2. Choose a Draft tool to draw a shape.
  3. Click a first point to set the reference point
  4. Move the mouse to observe the distance between the reference point and the current point


  • The reference point is projected onto the grid's plane; the distance to the current point is given relative to the projected point.
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