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Draft Apply.svg Draft Apply

Menu location
Draft → Utilities → Apply style
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft Tray


This tool allows to set default visual properties like line color or line width, to be used by all Draft objects created after this tool is used, and bulk apply these styles to selected objects.

Draft Tray

Draft Tray which sets the color properties of faces and lines, as well as the line width and text size


  1. Set the desired line and face colors and line width in the Draft Tray.
  2. Select one or more objects.
  3. Press the Draft Apply.svg Apply style button, or right click and select Utilities → Draft Apply.svg Apply style.

If you already have an object selected, you can change the color and line width, and the changes will be applied immediately without pressing the Draft Apply.svg Apply style button.

The Draft Apply.svg Apply style button is present in the Draft Tray toolbar, which only appears in the Workbench Draft.svg Draft and Workbench Arch.svg Arch workbenches.