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Draft AddToGroup.svg Draft AddToGroup

Menu location
Draft → Utilities → Add to group
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft SelectGroup, Std Group


This tool displays a drop-down menu that allows you to add the selected objects to an existing group, or to remove them from their current group.

This tool can add objects to a Group.svg Std Group, a Group.svg Draft Construction group, or a Draft VisGroup.svg Draft VisGroupobsolete in version 0.19

To add the objects directly to the Group.svg Draft Construction group, you can use Draft AddConstruction.svg Draft AddConstruction


  1. Select the objects that you wish to organize.
  2. Right click and select Utilities → Draft AddToGroup.svg Move to group.
  3. Select the desired group, or click Ungroup

At least one of Group.svg Std Group, Group.svg Draft Construction group, or Draft VisGroup.svg Draft VisGroup must exist before using this tool.