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Draft AddPoint.svg Draft AddPoint

Menu location
Draft → Add Point
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Draft DelPoint, Draft Edit


The Draft AddPoint.svg Draft AddPoint tool allows you to add points to already created Draft Wire.svg Draft Wires and Draft BSpline.svg Draft BSplines

The counterpart to this tool is the Draft DelPoint.svg Draft DelPoint operation.


  1. Select a Draft Wire.svg Draft Wire or a Draft BSpline.svg Draft BSpline. Note: The tool is disabled if no object is selected.
  2. Press the Draft AddPoint.svg Draft AddPoint button.
  3. Click a point on the 3D view, or type a coordinate and press the Draft AddPoint.svg Draft AddPoint button.
  4. Press Esc or the Close button to finish the operation; points already placed will remain.

This functionality is also available from the Draft Edit.svg Draft Edit tool.


The options of this tool are described in Draft Edit.svg Draft Edit.


See also: Draft API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

There is no programming interface available for the AddPoint tool, however, adding points is simple.

The Points attribute of a wire or spline is a list with the points that comprise that object; to add points, overwrite this attribute with a longer list of points. You can use methods like append() and insert() to add a new element in the desired position in the list. Each point is defined by its FreeCAD.Vector, with units in millimeters.


import FreeCAD, Draft

p1 = FreeCAD.Vector(-1000, -400, 0)
p2 = FreeCAD.Vector(2200, -1000, 0)

wire = Draft.makeWire([p1, p2])

p_new = FreeCAD.Vector(1500, 1500, 0)
points = wire.Points
points.insert(1, p_new)

wire.Points = points