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FreeCAD - though usable in many applications - is at the beginning of a long journey into CAD mainstream. There is still a lot to do to reach a state where we can compete with commercial software.

This section gives an overview of what is planned and gives you the opportunity to participate or give your opinion. As we are volunteers to FreeCAD we have only a certain amount of time. So if you interested in one of the topics and willing to help, just let us know! We use the Getting Things Done (GTD) style for the project document. Here is the Project template.


Current projects

These are work in progress.

Future projects

Projects for the near future.

So far finished projects


Release schedule

Like in the most FLOSS projects a release schedule is very rough. There will be no fixed dates and "It's done, when it's done!"

  • The Release process page gather ideas for a more efficient release workflow