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Curves IsoCurve.svg Curves IsoCurve

Menu location
Surfaces → IsoCurve
Default shortcut
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Curves JoinCurves


The Curves IsoCurve.svg Curves IsoCurve tool applies a UV oriented lattice on to a selected surface. This tool is part of the external workbench called Curves.

Curves IsoCurve Demo.jpg

Above: shows the before (left) and after (right) surface applied IsoCurve


  1. Switch to the Curves workbench icon.svg Curves workbench (install from Std AddonMgr.svg Addon Manager is necessary, if not previously installed)
  2. Select an unique surface on the 3D view
  3. To invoke the command, do one of the following:
    • Press the Curves IsoCurve.svg button
    • Use the Surfaces → IsoCurve entry from the Curves menu
  4. A UV oriented lattice on the surface is created.
  5. Change NumberU or/and NumberV to get more curves.


  • Curves can be extracted as a subelement (e.g: with Curves JoinCurves) for others uses or just to help to visualize the shape.