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Curves EditableSpline.svg Curves EditableSpline

Menu location
Curves → Freehand BSpline
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The Curves EditableSpline.svg Curves EditableSpline creates a freehand B-spline curve. This tool is part of the external workbench called Curves.


  1. Switch to the Curves workbench icon.svg Curves workbench (install from Std AddonMgr.svg Addon Manager is necessary, if not previously installed)
  2. To invoke the command, do one of the following:
    • Press the Curves EditableSpline.svg button in the Curves toolbar.
    • Use the Curves → Freehand BSpline entry in the dropdown menu.


During the command a special edit mode is active and there are several actions and behaviors that can be controlled by keys and mouse clicks.

  • To move a vertex or guide line (guide lines are the straight lines between vertexes) press and hold down the left mouse button on it, and move the mouse.
  • The A key selects or deselects all vertexes and guide lines.
  • The I key will add a vertex to the segment belonging to the selected guide line. The new vertex will be selected.
  • The T key sets or un-sets tangent mode for the selected vertexes or guide lines (relative to the view direction).
  • The P key aligns selected objects.
  • The S key can be used to snap a vertex to a vertex belonging to another B-spline. With a vertex of the B-spline being edited selected, hold down the Ctrl key and add the target vertex to the selection, then hit the S key. The vertexes are snapped together.
  • To unsnap vertexes, select the snapped vertex pair and again hit the S key. The vertex of the B-spline being edited remains selected and can now be moved.
  • The L key sets or un-sets the linear interpolation.
  • The X, Y or Z keys can be used to constrain the movement of the object being dragged. While dragging, hit the desired axis key. Hit the same key again to disable the constraint.
  • The Q key finishes the command and exits edit mode.




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