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Crea un array e ridimensiona gli elementi all'interno di una o più curve limite. In questo esempio, la forma di base arancione viene ridimensionata entro le curve limite rosse e viola. Le curve non devono essere collegate. Le curve limite devono trovarsi sul piano XY, XZ o YZ, o su un piano parallelo. [[Image:]]


  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2: Invoke the command several way:
    • Using the 24px WorkbenchName Command button
    • Using the {{{1}}} {{{1}}} keyboard shortcut
    • Using the Menu → Command in the Menu dropdown
  3. Step 3


  • The first curve that you select for CurvedArray creation will be the item that is swept and resized in the bounds of the other selected curves.



  • DatiBase: The object to make an array from
  • DatiHullcurves: List of one or more bounding curves
  • DatiAxis: Direction axis of the Base shape
  • DatiItems: Nr. of array items
  • DatiOffsetStart: Offset of the first part in Axis direction
  • DatiOffsetEnd: Offset of the last part from the end in opposite Axis direction
  • DatiTwist: Applies a rotation around Axis to the array items.
  • DatiSurface: make a surface over the array items
  • DatiSolid: make a solid if Base is a closed shape