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This is a Python macro workbench used to integrate CuraEngine into FreeCAD

It is a work in progress. Feedback welcome.



Drop down menu

  • CuraEngine1.png


Automatic installation

This workbench can be installed from the Addon Manager.

From GitHub

The easiest way to install is to clone into ~/.FreeCAD/Mod

cd ~/.FreeCAD/Mod
git clone

Then restart FreeCAD. An entry for '3D Printing' should be available in the Workbench dropdown menu.


To use do the following:

  • install the official Cura package (CuraEngine is installed to /usr/share/cura/CuraEngine) or compile CuraEngine from source.

Linux Installation Instructions (From GitHub)

Windows Installation Instructions (From GitHub)

Mac Installation Instructions (From GitHub)

Links to CuraEngine WB

Other useful links