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Like many other computer programs FreeCAD has the ability to cut, copy and paste objects. Document objects may be freely copied within a document or between documents using the Std Copy.svg Std Copy, Std Paste.svg Std Paste and Std DuplicateSelection commands.

Copy past duplicate.png

Please consider that the copy-pasted objects are not dependent on the original. If you want dependent clones please use Draft Clone.svg Draft Workbench's Clone or PartDesign Clone.svg Part Design Workbench's Clone. If you need neither a dependent clone nor a parametric replica, you may also use Part SimpleCopy.svg Part Workbench's Simple Copy. For patterned clones, please look into the Other Methods section of this page.

Copying Linked Objects

If an object to be copied has links to object(s) not in the selection, FreeCAD will ask if the unselected objects should be included in the copy operation.

Finding and Positioning Pasted Object(s)

After a copy-paste operation, it may not be obvious where the new objects are located in the 3D view. That is because the new objects have the same Placement property as their originals. Toggle the Visibility property (Spacebar) to hide the originals and then move the copies to their correct position, for example using Std TransformManip.svg Std TransformManip or Std Placement.svg Std Placement.

Other Methods

Like most things in FreeCAD, there are many ways of making a copy. For more ideas, look at: