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(November 2018) Diese Information kann unvollständig und veraltet sein. Für die letzte API siehe die (engl.) autogenerierte API-Dokumentation.

The Base module is contained inside the FreeCAD module and contains constructors for different types of objects heavily used in FreeCAD.

Class.png BoundBox([Xmin,Ymin,Zmin,Xmax,Ymax,Zmax])
Class.png BoundBox(Tuple, Tuple)
Class.png BoundBox(Vector, Vector)

Description: Creates a bounding box. A bounding box is an orthographic cube which is a way to describe outer boundaries. You get a bounding box from a lot of 3D types. It is often used to check if a 3D entity lies in the range of another object. Checking for bounding interference first can save a lot of computing time!

Class.png Matrix( )

Description: Creates a 4x4 Matrix, that can be used to apply transformations to objects.

Class.png Vector( )
Class.png Vector(x, y, z)

Description: Creates a FreeCAD 3D Vector, representing a 3D point or a direction.

Class.png Placement( )

Description: Creates a Placement.