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BIM Views.png BIM Views

Menu location
Manage → Views
Default shortcut
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This command is part of the BIM AddOn, that you can install via menu Tools → Addons Manager


The BIM views and levels manager is a dockable window that opens below the normal tree view, that contains all the BuildingParts and Working Plane Proxies of your model.

The aim of this window is to allow to quickly access your levels and working plane configurations, without the need to navigate through the tree to find them.

BIM views screenshot.png


The BIM views manager will show all the levels (building parts) and working plane proxies of your document. It can be docked anywhere in the FreeCAD interface or be left in a standalone window. Building Parts will also show their level (the Z coordinate of their placement).

  • Pressing Ctrl+9 or clicking the BIM Views button in the lower right corner of the screen shows or hides the BIM Views manager
  • Clicking any entry selects the corresponding object
  • Double-clicking the height of a level allows you to edit it
  • Double-clicking the name of any object sets the working plane to it, and, if the Restore View option of the object is turned on, and a view configuration has been stored in it, that viewpoint is also restored
  • Clicking the Add a new level button creates a new level
  • Clicking the Add a new working plane proxy button creates a new working plane proxy
  • Clicking the Delete button deletes the selected item
  • Clicking the Toggle on/off button turns a selected level on/off (same as the Space bar)
  • Clicking the Isolate button turns all levels off except the selected one
  • Clicking the Save camera position button stores the current view settings in the selected object, allowing to restore it if its Restore View property is set to True
  • Clicking the Rename button allows you to rename a selected object