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BIM Box.png BIM Box

Menu location
3D Modeling → Box
Default shortcut
See also
Part Box
This command is part of the BIM AddOn, that you can install via menu Tools → Addons Manager


BIM box screenshot.png

The BIM Box tool allows you to create a standard Part Box, but instead of creating the object and letting you specify its dimensions and position afterwards, like the original Part Workbench tool does, this tool allows you to place and define the box dimensions graphically when creating the object. Boxes are basic cuboid shapes, that can be used as a base of any other kind of BIM object later on.


  1. Press the BIM Box.png BIM Box button
  2. Click a first point to define a first corner of the box. It can be any of the box corners
  3. Click a second point to define a first edge of the box, starting from the first point
  4. Click a third point to define a first face of the box, orthogonal to the first edge
  5. Click a fourth point to define the extrusion distance of the first face, forming the final box