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Assembly New Assembly.svg Assembly3 CreateAssembly

Menu location
Assembly3 → Create assembly
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The Assembly3 CreateAssembly command adds a new Assembly branch object to the design tree.

Each branch object is an Assembly Assembly Tree.svg Assembly container and holds four group containers:

- One for the Assembly Assembly Constraints Tree.svg Constraints (which is hidden as long as it is empty)
- One for the Assembly Assembly Element Tree.svg Elements
- One for the Assembly Assembly Part Tree.svg Parts
- One for the Assembly Assembly Relation Tree.svg Relations (which is hidden by default and will be revealed when the Assembly GotoRelation.svg Go to relation command is used)

The added Assembly object with all visible containers looks like this (0.20.pre and Link Branch):

Assembly3 Example-Tree-07.png Assembly3 Example-Tree-08.png


  1. Create an empty assembly container by pressing Assembly New Assembly.svg Create assembly
    or use the keyboard shortcut: A then N