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These icons are in the indicated source path.

For all icons in the source tree, see Artwork.



Sketcher Sketch.svg SketcherWorkbech.svg


Constraint Block.svg Constraint Concentric.svg Constraint Diameter.svg Constraint Diameter Driven.svg Constraint Ellipse Axis Angle.svg Constraint Ellipse Major Radius.svg Constraint Ellipse Minor Radius.svg Constraint Ellipse Radii.svg Constraint EqualLength.svg Constraint ExternalAngle.svg Constraint Horizontal.svg Constraint HorizontalDistance.svg Constraint HorizontalDistance Driven.svg Constraint InternalAlignment.svg Constraint InternalAlignment Ellipse Focus1.svg Constraint InternalAlignment Ellipse Focus2.svg Constraint InternalAlignment Ellipse MajorAxis.svg Constraint InternalAlignment Ellipse MinorAxis.svg Constraint InternalAngle.svg Constraint InternalAngle Driven.svg Constraint Length.svg Constraint Length Driven.svg Constraint Lock.svg Constraint Lock Driven.svg Constraint Parallel.svg Constraint Perpendicular.svg Constraint PointOnEnd.svg Constraint PointOnMidPoint.svg Constraint PointOnObject.svg Constraint PointOnPoint.svg Constraint PointOnStart.svg Constraint PointToObject.svg Constraint Radius.svg Constraint Radius Driven.svg Constraint SnellsLaw.svg Constraint SnellsLaw Driven.svg Constraint Symmetric.svg Constraint Tangent.svg Constraint TangentToEnd.svg Constraint TangentToStart.svg Constraint Vertical.svg Constraint VerticalDistance.svg Constraint VerticalDistance Driven.svg Sketcher Crosshair.svg Sketcher ToggleActiveConstraint.svg Sketcher ToggleConstraint.svg Sketcher Toggle Constraint Driven.svg Sketcher Toggle Constraint Driving.svg


Sketcher Element Arc Edge.svg Sketcher Element Arc EndPoint.svg Sketcher Element Arc MidPoint.svg Sketcher Element Arc StartingPoint.svg Sketcher Element BSpline Edge.svg Sketcher Element BSpline EndPoint.svg Sketcher Element BSpline StartPoint.svg Sketcher Element Circle Edge.svg Sketcher Element Circle MidPoint.svg Sketcher Element Ellipse All.svg Sketcher Element Ellipse CentrePoint.svg Sketcher Element Ellipse Edge 1.svg Sketcher Element Ellipse Edge 2.svg Sketcher Element Ellipse Focus1.svg Sketcher Element Ellipse Focus2.svg Sketcher Element Ellipse MajorAxis.svg Sketcher Element Ellipse MinorAxis.svg Sketcher Element Elliptical Arc Centre Point.svg Sketcher Element Elliptical Arc Edge.svg Sketcher Element Elliptical Arc End Point.svg Sketcher Element Elliptical Arc Start Point.svg Sketcher Element Hyperbolic Arc Centre Point.svg Sketcher Element Hyperbolic Arc Edge.svg Sketcher Element Hyperbolic Arc End Point.svg Sketcher Element Hyperbolic Arc Start Point.svg Sketcher Element Line Edge.svg Sketcher Element Line EndPoint.svg Sketcher Element Line StartingPoint.svg Sketcher Element Parabolic Arc Centre Point.svg Sketcher Element Parabolic Arc Edge.svg Sketcher Element Parabolic Arc End Point.svg Sketcher Element Parabolic Arc Start Point.svg Sketcher Element Point StartingPoint.svg Sketcher Element SelectionTypeInvalid.svg


Sketcher EditSketch.svg Sketcher LeaveSketch.svg Sketcher MapSketch.svg Sketcher MergeSketch.svg Sketcher MirrorSketch.svg Sketcher NewSketch.svg Sketcher ReorientSketch.svg Sketcher SwitchVirtualSpace.svg Sketcher ValidateSketch.svg Sketcher ViewSection.svg Sketcher ViewSketch.svg


Sketcher AlterFillet.svg Sketcher CarbonCopy.svg Sketcher CarbonCopy Constr.svg Sketcher Conics.svg Sketcher Conics Constr.svg Sketcher Conics Ellipse 3points.svg Sketcher Conics Ellipse Center.svg Sketcher Elliptical Arc.svg Sketcher Elliptical Arc Constr.svg Sketcher Hyperbolic Arc.svg Sketcher Hyperbolic Arc Constr.svg Sketcher Parabolic Arc.svg Sketcher Parabolic Arc Constr.svg Sketcher Create3PointArc.svg Sketcher Create3PointArc Constr.svg Sketcher Create3PointCircle.svg Sketcher Create3PointCircle Constr.svg Sketcher CreateArc.svg Sketcher CreateArc Constr.svg Sketcher CreateBSpline.svg Sketcher CreateBSpline Constr.svg Sketcher CreateCircle.svg Sketcher CreateCircle Constr.svg Sketcher CreateEllipse.svg Sketcher CreateEllipse Constr.svg Sketcher CreateEllipse 3points.svg Sketcher CreateEllipse 3points Constr.svg Sketcher CreateFillet.svg Sketcher CreateHeptagon.svg Sketcher CreateHeptagon Constr.svg Sketcher CreateHexagon.svg Sketcher CreateHexagon Constr.svg Sketcher CreateLine.svg Sketcher CreateLine Constr.svg Sketcher CreateOctagon.svg Sketcher CreateOctagon Constr.svg Sketcher CreatePentagon.svg Sketcher CreatePentagon Constr.svg Sketcher Create Periodic BSpline.svg Sketcher Create Periodic BSpline Constr.svg Sketcher CreatePoint.svg Sketcher CreatePolyline.svg Sketcher CreatePolyline Constr.svg Sketcher CreateRectangle.svg Sketcher CreateRectangle Constr.svg Sketcher CreateRegularPolygon.svg Sketcher CreateRegularPolygon Constr.svg Sketcher CreateSlot.svg Sketcher CreateSlot Constr.svg Sketcher CreateSquare.svg Sketcher CreateSquare Constr.svg Sketcher CreateText.svg Sketcher CreateTriangle.svg Sketcher CreateTriangle Constr.svg Sketcher Extend.svg Sketcher External.svg Sketcher ToggleConstruction.svg Sketcher Trimming.svg


Sketcher ConstrainCoincident old.svg Sketcher ConstrainDistance old.svg Sketcher ConstrainHorizontal old.svg Sketcher ConstrainParallel old.svg Sketcher ConstrainVertical old.svg Sketcher DraftLine.svg Sketcher ProfilesHexagon1.svg Sketcher ToggleConstruction old.svg Sketcher ToggleNormal.svg


Sketcher Pointer CarbonCopy.svg Sketcher Pointer Create 3PointArc.svg Sketcher Pointer Create 3PointCircle.svg Sketcher Pointer Create Arc.svg Sketcher Pointer Create ArcOfEllipse.svg Sketcher Pointer Create ArcOfHyperbola.svg Sketcher Pointer Create ArcOfParabola.svg Sketcher Pointer Create Box.svg Sketcher Pointer Create BSpline.svg Sketcher Pointer Create Circle.svg Sketcher Pointer Create Ellipse.svg Sketcher Pointer Create Fillet.svg Sketcher Pointer Create Line.svg Sketcher Pointer Create Lineset.svg Sketcher Pointer Create Point.svg Sketcher Pointer Extension.svg Sketcher Pointer External.svg Sketcher Pointer Regular Polygon.svg Sketcher Pointer Slot.svg Sketcher Pointer Trimming.svg


Files in this folder cannot be uploaded because the file extension is .xpm.

In the past, the .xpm icons were used as overlays when displaying constraints in the 3D view. Now the "pointer" SVGs are used instead.


Sketcher BSplineApproximate.svg Sketcher BSplineComb.svg Sketcher BSplineDecreaseDegree.svg Sketcher BSplineDecreaseKnotMultiplicity.svg Sketcher BSplineDegree.svg Sketcher BSplineIncreaseDegree.svg Sketcher BSplineIncreaseKnotMultiplicity.svg Sketcher BSplineKnotMultiplicity.svg Sketcher BSplinePolygon.svg


Sketcher Clone.svg Sketcher CloseShape.svg Sketcher ConnectLines.svg Sketcher Copy.svg Sketcher DeleteConstraints.svg Sketcher DeleteGeometry.svg Sketcher Move.svg Sketcher RectangularArray.svg Sketcher SelectConflictingConstraints.svg Sketcher SelectConstraints.svg Sketcher SelectElementsAssociatedWithConstraints.svg Sketcher SelectElementsWithDoFs.svg Sketcher SelectHorizontalAxis.svg Sketcher SelectOrigin.svg Sketcher SelectRedundantConstraints.svg Sketcher SelectVerticalAxis.svg Sketcher Symmetry.svg