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These icons are in the indicated source path.

For all icons in the source tree, see Artwork.



PartDesign Hole.svg

From src/Mod/PartDesign/Gui/Resources/icons/

PartDesign Additive Box.svg PartDesign Additive Cone.svg PartDesign Additive Cylinder.svg PartDesign Additive Ellipsoid.svg PartDesign Additive Loft.svg PartDesign Additive Pipe.svg PartDesign Additive Prism.svg PartDesign Additive Sphere.svg PartDesign Additive Torus.svg PartDesign Additive Wedge.svg PartDesign BaseFeature.svg PartDesign Body.svg PartDesign Body old.svg PartDesign Body Tree.svg PartDesign Boolean.svg PartDesign Chamfer.svg PartDesign Clone.svg PartDesign CoordinateSystem.svg PartDesign Draft.svg PartDesign Fillet.svg PartDesign Flip Direction.svg PartDesign Groove.svg PartDesign Hole.svg PartDesign InternalExternalGear.svg PartDesign InvoluteGear.svg PartDesign Line.svg PartDesign LinearPattern.svg PartDesign Migrate.svg PartDesign Mirrored.svg PartDesign MoveFeature.svg PartDesign MoveFeatureInTree.svg PartDesign MoveTip.svg PartDesign MultiTransform.svg PartDesign Pad.svg PartDesign Plane.svg PartDesign Pocket.svg PartDesign Point.svg PartDesign PolarPattern.svg PartDesign Revolution.svg PartDesign Scaled.svg PartDesign ShapeBinder.svg PartDesign Sprocket.svg PartDesign SubShapeBinder.svg PartDesign Subtractive Box.svg PartDesign Subtractive Cone.svg PartDesign Subtractive Cylinder.svg PartDesign Subtractive Ellipsoid.svg PartDesign Subtractive Loft.svg PartDesign Subtractive Pipe.svg PartDesign Subtractive Prism.svg PartDesign Subtractive Sphere.svg PartDesign Subtractive Torus.svg PartDesign Subtractive Wedge.svg PartDesign Thickness.svg PartDesignWorkbench.svg Tree PartDesign Pad.svg Tree PartDesign Revolution.svg