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These icons are in the indicated source path.

For all icons in the source tree, see Artwork.



Part 2D object.svg Part 3D object.svg Part BoxSelection.svg Part Export.svg Part Feature.svg Part FeatureImport.svg Part Import.svg Part SectionCut.svg PartWorkbench.svg Preferences-part design.svg


Part BooleanFragments.svg Part Booleans.svg Part CheckGeometry.svg Part Common.svg Part Compound.svg Part CompoundFilter.svg Part CrossSections.svg Part Cut.svg Part Defeaturing.svg Part ExplodeCompound.svg Part Fuse.svg Part JoinBypass.svg Part JoinConnect.svg Part JoinCutout.svg Part JoinEmbed.svg Part Section.svg Part Slice.svg Part SliceApart.svg Part XOR.svg


Part Box.svg Part Cone.svg Part Cylinder.svg Part Primitives.svg Part Shapebuilder.svg Part Sphere.svg Part Torus.svg Part Tube.svg


Part Measure Angular.svg Part Measure Linear.svg Part Measure Refresh.svg Part Measure Step Active.svg Part Measure Step Done.svg Part Measure Toggle 3d.svg Part Measure Toggle Delta.svg


Tree Part Box Parametric.svg Part Circle.svg Tree Part Cone Parametric.svg Tree Part Cylinder Parametric.svg Part Ellipse.svg Tree Part Ellipsoid Parametric.svg Part Helix.svg Part Line.svg Tree Part Plane Parametric.svg Part Point.svg Part RegularPolygon.svg Tree Part Prism.svg Tree Part Sphere Parametric.svg Part Spiral.svg Part Spline Parametric.svg Tree Part Torus Parametric.svg Part Tube Parametric.svg Tree Part Wedge.svg


Part Attachment.svg Part Chamfer.svg Part ColorFace.svg Part Element Copy.svg Part Extrude.svg Part Fillet.svg Part Loft.svg Part MakeFace.svg Part MakeSolid.svg Part Mirror.svg Part Offset.svg Part Offset2D.svg Part PointsFromMesh.svg Part ProjectionOnSurface.svg Part Refine Shape.svg Part Reverse Shape.svg Part Revolve.svg Part RuledSurface.svg Part Shape from Mesh.svg Part ShapeInfo.svg Part Sweep.svg Part Thickness.svg Part Transformed Copy.svg