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For all icons in the source tree, see Artwork.

The icons on this page are used in the wiki but are erroneous. They are listed for reference purposes only. Please do not use them

Erroneous icons

Icons with incorrect filenames

Arch CommitGit.png Arch BimServer.png Freecad16.svg Measure.svg Part CreatePrimitives.svg Part CreateSimpleCopy.svg Tree Part.svg View-zoom-all.svg View-zoom-border.svg View-zoom-in.svg View-zoom-out.svg View-zoom-selection.svg WebTools Sketchfab.png Workbench GDML.svg

SVG icons for commands without a GUI icon

Std FreezeViews.svg

High res PNG icons for commands without a GUI icon

Mesh Scale.png Points Convert.png Points Merge.png Points Transform.png Std AboutQt.png Std Alignment.png Std DebugInto.png Std DebugOver.png Std DebugToggle.png Std DuplicateSelection.png Std FreezeViews.png Std MergeProject.png Std OnlineHelpPython.png Std SetAppearance.png Std TipOfTheDay.png Std ToggleVisibility.png Std ViewDockUndockFullscreen.png Std ViewExamples.png Std ViewIvStereo.png Std ViewXX.png Std ViewZoom.png Std Workbench.png

Low res PNG icons for commands without a GUI icon

Mesh BoundingBox.png Mesh Difference.png Mesh EvaluateCurvature.png Mesh EvaluateRepair.png Mesh EvaluateSolid.png Mesh Intersection.png Mesh Merge.png Mesh RemoveCompByHand.png Mesh SelectMesh.png Mesh Smooth.png Mesh TrimMesh.png Mesh TrimMeshWithPlane.png Mesh Union.png Part ConvertToSolid.png Part ReverseShapes.png Std ClippingPlane.png Std Close.png Std CloseAll.png Std DependencyGraph.png Std SaveaCopy.png