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These icons are in the indicated source path.

For all icons in the source tree, see Artwork.



Arch 3Views.svg Arch Add.svg Arch Axis.svg Arch Axis System.svg Arch Axis System Tree.svg Arch Axis Tree.svg Arch Bimserver.svg Arch Building.svg Arch BuildingPart.svg Arch BuildingPart Tree.svg Arch Building Tree.svg Arch Cell.svg Arch Cell Tree.svg Arch Check.svg Arch CloseHoles.svg Arch Component.svg Arch Component Clone.svg Arch Component Tree.svg Arch CurtainWall.svg Arch CurtainWall Tree.svg Arch CutLine.svg Arch CutPlane.svg Arch Equipment.svg Arch Equipment Clone.svg Arch Equipment Tree.svg Arch Fence.svg Arch Fence Tree.svg Arch Fixture.svg Arch Floor.svg Arch Floor Tree.svg Arch Frame.svg Arch Frame Tree.svg Arch Grid.svg Arch Material.svg Arch Material Group.svg Arch Material Multi.svg Arch MergeWalls.svg Arch MeshToShape.svg Arch MultipleStructures.svg Arch Nest.svg Arch Panel.svg Arch Panel Clone.svg Arch Panel Cut.svg Arch Panel Sheet.svg Arch Panel Tree.svg Arch Pipe.svg Arch PipeConnector.svg Arch Pipe Tree.svg Arch Profile.svg Arch Project.svg Arch Project Tree.svg Arch Rebar.svg Arch Rebar Tree.svg Arch Reference.svg Arch Remove.svg Arch RemoveShape.svg Arch Roof.svg Arch Roof Tree.svg Arch Schedule.svg Arch SectionPlane.svg Arch SectionPlane Tree.svg Arch SelectNonManifold.svg Arch Site.svg Arch Site Tree.svg Arch Space.svg Arch Space Clone.svg Arch Space Tree.svg Arch SplitMesh.svg Arch Stairs.svg Arch Stairs Tree.svg Arch StructuralSystem.svg Arch StructuralSystem Tree.svg Arch Structure.svg Arch Structure Clone.svg Arch Structure Tree.svg Arch Subcomponent.svg Arch Survey.svg Arch ToggleIfcBrepFlag.svg Arch ToggleSubs.svg Arch Truss.svg Arch Truss Tree.svg Arch Wall.svg Arch Wall Clone.svg Arch Wall Tree.svg Arch Wall Tree Assembly.svg Arch Window.svg Arch Window Clone.svg Arch Window Tree.svg ArchWorkbench.svg Git.svg IFC.svg Preferences-arch.svg


ParametersBeam.svg ParametersDent.svg ParametersDoorGlass.svg ParametersDoorSimple.svg ParametersIbeam.svg ParametersPanel.svg ParametersPillar.svg ParametersSlab.svg ParametersStairs.svg ParametersWindowDouble.svg ParametersWindowFixed.svg ParametersWindowSimple.svg ParametersWindowStash.svg