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Arch SetMaterial.svg Arch SetMaterial

Menu location
Arch → Material Tools → Material
Arch, BIM
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Arch CompSetMaterial, Arch MultiMaterial


The Material tools allows to add materials to the active document, and attribute a material to an Arch object. Materials can all the properties of a certain material, and control the color of the object to which it is attached. Materials are stored into a Materials folder in the active document.

Arch materials 01.jpg


  1. Optionally, select one or more objects to which you wish to attribute a new material.
  2. Invoke the command several ways:
    • Press the Arch SetMaterial.svg Material button in the toolbar.
    • Use the M then T keyboard shortcut.
    • Use the Arch → Material Tools → Material entry from the top menu.
  3. Load a preset material, or create a new one by filling the fields.
  4. Press OK.


  • Upon creating a new material, a task panel allows you to set different options:

Arch materials 02.jpg

  • Choose preset: Choose one of the preset materials, to be used as is, or to be adapted by modifying the fields below
  • Name: Choose a name for the material
  • Edit button: This opens the current material in FreeCAD's Material editor, which allows you to edit many additional properties and add your own custom ones
  • Description: A more detailed description of the material
  • Color: A display color for the material, which will be applied to all objects that use that material
  • Code: A name and reference number of a specification system such as Masterformat or Omniclass.
  • Code browser button: Not implemented yet - will allow to open the reference in a web browser
  • URL: An URL where more informaiton about the material can be found
  • URL button:Opens the URL in a web browser

Relation to IFC

This roughly corresponds to IfcMaterial.