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Arch Rebar Stirrup

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Arch → Rebar tools
Arch, BIM
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См. также
Helical Rebar, Arch Rebar


Инструмент Arch Rebar Stirrup.png Stirrup Rebar позволяет пользователю создавать в структурном элементе арматурный стержень с изогнутой формой.

The Stirrup Rebar tool is also integrated into BIM Workbench.

This command is part of the Reinforcement Workbench, an external workbench that can be installed with the Std AddonMgr.svg Addon Manager via the Tools → Addon manager → Reinforcement menu.

Arch Rebar Stirrup example.png



  1. Создайте элемент structure
  2. Выберите любую грань структуры
  3. Then select Arch Rebar Stirrup.png Stirrup Rebar from the rebar tools
  4. A task panel will pop-out on the left side of the screen as shown below StirrupDialog.png
  5. Select the desired orientation
  6. Give the inputs like left cover, right cover, top cover, bottom, front cover, bent angle, bent factor, rounding and diameter of the rebar
  7. Select the mode of distribution either amount or spacing
  8. If spacing is selected, a user can also opt for custom spacing
  9. Pick selected face is used to verify or change the face for rebar distribution
  10. Нажмите OK или Apply, чтобы создать арматуру
  11. Нажмите Cancel, чтобы выйти из панели задач

Taskview panel for the Arch Rebar Stirrup tool


  • ДанныеFront Cover:

Расстояние между арматурой и выбранной поверхностью.

  • ДанныеRight Cover: The distance between the right end of the rebar to right face of the structure.
  • ДанныеLeft Cover: The distance between the left end of the rebar to the left face of the structure.
  • ДанныеBottom Cover: The distance between rebar from the bottom face of the structure.
  • ДанныеTop Cover: The distance between rebar from the top face of the structure.
  • ДанныеBent Angle: Bent angle defines the angle at the ends of a stirrup.
  • ДанныеBent Factor: Bent Factor defines length of stirrup end.
  • ДанныеAmount: The amount of rebars.
  • ДанныеSpacing:Расстояние между осями каждого стержня.


Инструмент Arch Rebar Stirrup.png Stirrup Rebar можно использовать в macros и на консоли python с помощью следующей функции:

Rebar = makeStirrup(l_cover, r_cover, t_cover, b_cover, f_cover,
                    bentAngle, bentFactor, diameter, rounding, amount_spacing_check, amount_spacing_value,
                    structure=None, facename=None)
  • Creates a Rebar object from the given structure, which is an Arch Structure, and facename, which is a face of that structure.
    • If no structure nor facename are given, it will take the user selected face as input.
  • l_cover, r_cover, t_cover, b_cover, and f_cover are inner offset distances for the rebar elements with respect to the faces of the structure. They are respectively the left, right, top, bottom, and front offsets.
  • diameter is the diameter of the reinforcement bars inside the structure.
  • rounding is the parameter that determines the bending radius of the reinforcement bars as they make a loop.
  • bentLength and bentAngle define the length and angle of the tip of the reinforcement loop.
  • amount_spacing_check if it is True it will create as many reinforcement loops as given by amount_spacing_value; if it is False it will create reinforcement loops separated by the numerical value of amount_spacing_value.
  • amount_spacing_value specifies the number of reinforcement loops, or the value of the separation between them, depending on amount_spacing_check.


import Draft, Arch, Stirrup

# It doesn't work if the structure is not based on a face
# Structure = Arch.makeStructure(length=1000, width=400, height=400)

Rect = Draft.makeRectangle(400, 400)
Structure = Arch.makeStructure(Rect, height=1600)
Structure.ViewObject.Transparency = 80

Rebar = Stirrup.makeStirrup(20, 20, 20, 20, 20,
                            115, 4, 8, 2, True, 10, Structure, "Face6")

Edition of the rebar

You can change the properties of the rebar with the following function

editStirrup(Rebar, l_cover, r_cover, t_cover, b_cover, f_cover,
            bentAngle, bentFactor, diameter, rounding, amount_spacing_check, amount_spacing_value,
            structure=None, facename=None)
  • Rebar is a previously created StirrupRebar object.
  • The other parameters are the same as required by the makeStirrup() function.
  • structure and facename may be omitted so that the rebar stays in the original structure.
import Stirrup

Stirrup.editStirrup(Rebar, 20, 20, 20, 20, 50,
                    100, 4, 14, 8, True, 8)