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Navíc ke standardu exportu z FreeCADu OBJ, ModulArchitektura má i alternativní exportní systém, který exportuje koplanární plochy jako celé OBJ plochy, místo triangulačních objektů založených na objektu Tvar jako to dělají jiné standardní exportní systémy.

Exporting without GUI

Exporting without the graphical interface is possible from the command line, using the Mesh Workbench exporter only.

In this example, a STEP file is imported, the colors of the Shape are saved, then a mesh is created from it, the colors of the original object are re-applied to the faces of the new mesh, which is then exported to OBJ format. Since this is done with the Mesh Workbench, the result is a triangulated mesh.

import Mesh
import MeshPart
import Import

data ="example.stp")
shape = data[0][0].Shape
shape_colors = data[0][1]

mesh = MeshPart.meshFromShape(Shape=shape, LinearDeflection=0.1, Segments=True)

face_colors = [(0, 0, 0)] * mesh.CountFacets

for i in range(mesh.countSegments()):
    color = shape_colors[i]
    segm = mesh.getSegment(i)
    for j in segm:
        face_colors[j] = color

mesh.write(Filename="new_example.obj", Material=face_colors, Format="obj")

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