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Arch Building, Arch BuildingPart, Arch Site


Arch Floor är en speciell typ av FreeCAD group objekt som har några extra egenskaper speciellt anpassade för att bygga golv. De har bland annat en höjdegenskap, som dess barnobjekt (väggar och strukturer) kan använda för att ställa in sin egen höjd automatiskt.

As of v0.18 and above the Arch Floor is derived entirely from the Arch BuildingPart object, which is a general container to organize a building model not limited to floors or storeys. Older Floor objects can be converted to the new type by right clicking on them and choosing Convert to BuildingPart.


  1. Optionally, select one or more objects to be included in your new floor.
  2. Invoke the Arch Floor command several ways:
    • Pressing the Arch Floor.svg Arch Floor button on the toolbar.
    • Using the L then V keyboard keys.
    • Using the Arch → Floor entry from the top menu.


  • After creating a floor, you can add more objects to it by drag and dropping them in the Tree View or by using the Arch Add.svg Arch Add tool.
  • You can remove objects from a floor by drag and dropping them out of it the Tree View or by using the Arch Remove.svg Arch Remove tool.


An Arch Floor object shares all properties from an Arch BuildingPart, with the DataIfc Type set to "Building Storey".


See also: Arch API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The Floor tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following function:

Floor = makeFloor(objectslist=None, baseobj=None, name="Floor")
  • Creates a Floor object from objectslist, which is a list of objects.


import FreeCAD, Draft, Arch

p1 = FreeCAD.Vector(0, 0, 0)
p2 = FreeCAD.Vector(2000, 0, 0)
baseline = Draft.makeLine(p1, p2)
baseline2 = Draft.makeLine(p1, -1*p2)

Wall1 = Arch.makeWall(baseline, length=None, width=150, height=2000)
Wall2 = Arch.makeWall(baseline2, length=None, width=150, height=1800)

Floor = Arch.makeFloor([Wall1, Wall2])

Building = Arch.makeBuilding([Floor])
Site = Arch.makeSite(Building)
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