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An App Part object, or formally an App::Part, is an element that allows grouping objects in 3D space.

It was developed to be used in assemblies, as it has an Origin which serves as the positional reference for the grouped objects.

FreeCAD core objects.svg

Simplified diagram of the relationships between the core objects in the program. The App::Part class is a simple container that has a position in 3D space, and has an Origin to control the placement of the objects grouped under it.


  1. Press the Std Part.svg Std Part button. An empty Part is created and automatically becomes active.
  2. To add objects to a Part, drag and drop them over the Part in the tree view.
  3. To remove objects from a Part, drag them out of the Part, and onto the document label at the top of the tree view.

See the Std Part page for the complete information, including its use in Scripting.


An App Part (App::Part class) is derived from the basic App GeoFeature (App::GeoFeature class), therefore it shares most of the latter's properties.

See the full list of properties in the Std Part page.