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An App Origin object, or formally an App::OriginGroupExtension, is a class supplying selectable elements that represent the three standard axes (X, Y, Z) and three standard planes (XY, XZ and YZ) to objects that are intended to arrange different types of geometry in space.

Std Part.svg Std Part (App Part) objects and PartDesign Body.svg PartDesign Body objects are created with Origin objects by default. If needed, Origin objects can be added to Assembly Assembly Tree.svg Assembly objects of the Assembly3 workbench icon.svg Assembly3 workbench, too.

Tree view 3D view

Left: The tree view showing three objects that use Origin objects. Right: Representation of the Origin elements in the 3D view.

The axes and planes are objects of type App::Line and App::Plane respectively. Each of these elements can be hidden and unhidden individually with the Space bar. This can be useful when selecting the correct reference for creating other objects e.g. Sketches.

FreeCAD core objects.svg

Simplified diagram of the relationships between the core objects in the program. Two of them have an Origin object to control the placement of the objects grouped under them.