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An App Link, or formally an App::Link, is a type of object that references or links to another object, in the same document, or in another document. It is especially designed to efficiently duplicate a single object multiple times, which helps with the creation of complex assemblies from smaller subassemblies, and from multiple reusable components like screws, nuts, and similar fasteners.

FreeCAD core objects.svg

Simplified diagram of the relationships between the core objects in the program. The App::Link object is a core component of the system, it does not depend on any workbench, but it can be used with most objects created in all workbenches.


  1. Select an object in the tree view or 3D view for which you wish to create a Link.
  2. Press the Std LinkMake.svg Std LinkMake button. The produced object has the same icon as the original object, but has an arrow overlay indicating it is a Link.

See the Std LinkMake page for the complete information, including its use in Scripting.


An App Link (App::Link class) is derived from the basic App DocumentObject (App::DocumentObject class), therefore it shares most of the latter's properties.

See the full list of properties in the Std LinkMake page.