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La vista 3D de FreeCAD es una instancia de una Coin3D escenografía que forma la ventana más importante de la interfaz. Coin3D es una biblioteca que implementa el estándar de descripción de escenas OpenInventor 2.1.

Ciertas propiedades de la vista, como el color de fondo, el estilo navegación con ratón, y los pasos de zoom, pueden ser configurados en el editor de preferencias.

FreeCAD 3D view.png

La vista 3D es un componente de la interfaz de FreeCAD. Por defecto muestra un pequeño widget con ejes de coordenadas, y el cubo de navegación también con ejes de coordenadas; la cuadrícula puede ser visualizada y configurada cargando el ambiente de trabajo de borrador.


Note: link actions introduced in version 0.19.

Since the tree view lists most objects that are visible in the 3D view, many of the actions are the same to those that can be executed from the tree view.

When the default Start Workbench is active, right clicking on the 3D view shows only one command:

  • Navigation styles: different button styles to use with a 3-button mouse or laptop trackpad.

However, once a Workbench is loaded, there are additional commands:

Additionally, depending on the workbench and object that is active, other contextual commands may become available.

For example, with the Part Workbench and one object selected:

  • Appearance: launches the dialog to change color and sizes of lines and vertices, and color of faces.
  • Toggle visibility: makes the object visible or invisible in the 3D view.
  • Toggle selectability: makes the object no longer selectable in the 3D view; use again this command to cancel its effect. It sets the object's Selectable attribute to true or false. Change the property by toggling VistaSelectable in the property editor.
  • Go to selection: expand the tree view to show the selected object in the hierarchy.
  • Random color: assigns a random color to the object. It sets the object's ShapeColor attribute to a tuple (r,g,b) with tree random floats between 0 and 1. Change the property by modifying VistaShape Color in the property editor.
  • Delete: removes the object from the document, and from the 3D view, by calling the document's removeObject() method.

Another example, with the Draft Workbench and one object selected, it shows the same commands as with the Part Workbench, but also:


FreeCAD uses the Quarter library to use Coin3D in a Qt environment.

It is possible to interact directly with the 3D view scenegraph from the Python console by using the Python library Pivy.

For more information see the power user documentation: